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Ring In The New Year

New Years Look details at www. friskygypsy.com

It’s that time to say goodbye to the wonders 2014 has given us, & give a warm welcome to the whimsical 2015. New Year’s Eve is the time to show a little sparkle. You need to shine but still be comfortable enough to dance the year away. Here I have a very simple, yet flashy outfit. This look will definitely get you standin’ out in a crowd.  From a causal house party, bar, club, or even a new years concert, I’m able to go to any type of festivity with this look.   It’s not too dressy or too casual. This look meets in the middle with the top being so flashy & dressy & the bottoms being a day-to-day piece.

New Years Look details at www. friskygypsy.com

I purchased this top last year from one of my all time favorite stores, Urban Outfitters. The brand of this sequenced crop is Staring at Stars.  Crop tops only work best when you have more of a high wasted pant as I am wearing. I’m showing a bit of skin but not too much. This top has lasted me through all holiday occasions. The Crop is very over powering in itself with the multi-color sequence, which is why I have very few accessories with the look. The top is the statement piece. Now if you don’t like a flashy top you can do this look with more of a plain crop & a flashy necklace or earrings as the focal point. Fashion is your language you can pick & choose styles to your own liking. I’m diggin’ on the boldness of this look, but you can always tone it down & play up accessories to your taste. Urban Outfitter doesn’t carry this exact crop anymore but they do have other shimmery crops. There are many other stores that carry something similar. I recommend Nasty Gal, Macys, or Express.

New Years Look details at www. friskygypsy.com

The comfort factor of this look is all in these pants. The pants I’m wearing are the Midnight Bells from Tribe Kelly. Tribe Kelly is a fairly new line created by one of my fashion icons Brittney Cole Kelly & Husband Brian Kelly From Florida Georgia Line. These pants are perfect for any New Year occasion because of the extreme comfort. They feel like pajama bottoms. You can get down & party the year away in comfort but still look like a fierce frisky gypsy. These bells are priced  $125, & worth every penny. You won’t want to take these bad boys off. I’ve been searching for a nice pair of bells & if you’re in the same boat I recommend Tribe Kelly’s.

FullSizeRender copy 4
If you’re scared to wear bell bottoms because you think you’re too short just break out a pair of your favorite wedges, heels, or heeled booties. I’m around 5’6 so I don’t need too much height for these bells not to drag the ground. Shown, I’m wearing a pair of “Tassy” black leather Steve madden booties with a 3 inch heel to add a little height. If you are just not a huge fan of Bells you could always pair this crop with any high wasted bottom like shorts, or more of a skinny pant. I recommend keeping the black bottom so you keep somewhat of a dressy element to the look. Always play with fabric choices.  The Bells I’m wearing are a suede material, but you can always play the bottom up with some velvet or leather.

New Years Look details at www. friskygypsy.com

New Years Look details at www. friskygypsy.com
New Years Look details at www. friskygypsy.com

For my New Years accessories I chose to use black & gold. The headband I’m wearing is “Tatum” made by Pink Pewter. These are the best of the best.  You’ve seen celebs rock these on the red carpet to add some flare. I found mine on Amazon.  When using a headband you can’t over accessorize up top, notice I don’t have any earrings or any flashy necklaces on because that would be too overpowering with such a flashy top & sparkly headband. New Year’s you always gotta look your best, which means you’re gonna have to carry some make-up, lip stick, perfume ext.  I added this nice little clutch I found from Aldo for only $15.00 to lug all my extras around in. I’m not wearing any bracelets with this look; again because my top is such a stand out piece it doesn’t need it. But for you jewelry lovers add some fun layered rings to get a little extra shine in. I found these in a bundle pack from Windsor. 

New Years Look details at www. friskygypsy.com

Hope you Frisky Gypsies have a Fantastic New Year Celebration & I can’t wait to show you more looks brewing for the New Year!

Xo, Jodie

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