Falling Into Fall

Fall Wear

It’s that time of year again (depressing I know) but the weather is getting colder which means fall is  arriving. So it’s time to start layering up and get those closets ready with some leather jackets, beanies, & nice denim jeans.

Fall Outfit

Fall outfit

To keep warm from the cooler weather I’m wearing an INC Leather Jacket. I personally think a leather jacket is a must have for anyone’s closet because it goes with everything. My favorite part about this look is the tee underneath my jacket. I love to go to concerts, and I know I’m not they only one who buys band/artist tees after the show is over. I personally like to cut my graphic band/artist tees to fit my personal style and incorporate it in a cute outfit verses throwing it in a drawer & never wearing it. The artist tee I’m rocking is one of my new favorites Carter Winter. If you haven’t heard of Carter Winter…. I’m sorry, cause you’re missing out. If you are into country music I suggest you download his EP Some Kind Of Fire. You’ll be blown away by his amazing voice!

Free People Denim Jeans

For my jeans I’m wearing dark wash Free People jeans. You can get these at Macys, or Free People. These are my absolute favorite pair of pants because they are extremely comfortable and are more of a stretch material.

Steve Madden Countryy Booties

One thing I Love about fall is getting to wear booties! Especially booties with fringe! (who doesn’t love fringe) These little black booties are from Steve Madden Style : Countryy These booties are really comfy as most Steve Madden shoes are and come in many different colors.Giving keyRing SetTribe Kelley Beanie and RaybansIMG_8254

For accessories I’m keeping it pretty simple. My necklace is from The Giving Keys (seen in previous posts) I pretty much never take my Classic XL Necklace off! Another accessory that I’m usually rocking’ are some layered rings. The ones I’m wearing are BKE from Buckle. Another good thing about fall weather is it calls for beanies! So I’m breaking out my Tribe Kelley Maroon Road Tripper. (I have the road tripper in multiple colors love these beanies.) Now time for what you’ve all have probably been waiting for the details on my all black Raybans! Many of you have been tweeting asking me where to find them. I found my pair at Sunglass Hut. To finish the look off I’m using my all black Micheal Kors bag medium size Hamilton Tote. (found at macy’s in stores unfortunately not online)

Fall Outfit

For links to the threads I’m rocking click on the bold words. Also make sure make sure you checkout that link to purchase Carter Winter’s EP Some Kind Of Fire, you won’t regret it! Hope all my frisky gypsies have a wonderful week and stay tune for more fall/winter looks coming soon.

Xo, Jodie

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