Life’s short so why should your hair be? I get DM’s on a daily from you ladies asking me what hair extensions I recommend, so I figured why not post a little quick blog about my daily accessory. (Yes that would be my hair) I’ve been using Clip In hair extensions for about 8 years now so I’ve def tried MANY brands from the ones you find at Sally’s Beauty Supply, Bellami Hair, to my most recent purchase of extensions Laced Hair Extensions which are shown in the pictures above.

Sally’s Beauty Supply Hair: Sally’s use to be my go to hair spot when I was in high school due to how affordable they are. My major issue with the brands Sally’s carries are not a wide color selection, and they only last for about 3-5 months. When I changed the color of my blonde I had to start toning them. When I didn’t have to tone them they lasted much longer. Toning the hair made them thin out, shorten, and get nappy a lot quicker. This is also depending on how much you wear them… I freaking swim in the ocean with mine lol. So yes only paying about $150 for Extensions is a good price… but not when they only last for a couple of months.

Bellami Hair : I’d have to say Bellami Hair has to be the WORST brand of hair I have ever tried. I ordered the Bambina 20 inch Ash Blonde Hair. First of all let me tell you their definition of Ash blonde is SCHOOL BUS YELLOW. They were horrible since you can’t return the hair I soaked them in purple shampoo, which helped them match a little bit better. The hair got knotted super quick, which is a big thumbs down in my book. When I went to get my real hair colored the only way to get the extensions to match was to bleach and tone. Bleaching extensions def ruins the quality of hair… But it was my only choice. They matched but they hair was terrible.. (it was terrible before the bleach let’s be real lol) Safe to say Bellami Hair is not worth the price at all. Not to mention the clips on the hair were so uncomfortable I couldn’t wait to rip my hair out. (Literally)

Laced Hair Extensions: (show in the pictures above) Hands down my new favorite hair extension brand! They are a tad bit on the splurge side but so far mine have been worth every penny. I’ve realized with hair it’s WAY better to splurge then save. I have the 20 inch Platinum Clip Ins (which have been toned and still look and feel brand new which is AMAZING.) The best part about Laced Hair is you can return and exchange the hair. So if you goof up and pick the wrong color its an easy fix! They also have TONS of colors to choose from. They blend very well and look good curled or straighten. These extensions look like your real hair! Which is the goal right? For all my gals out there looking to add some lengths to their locks this is my number 1 go to choice now. The clips are very comfortable as well. Which is a big factor in extensions cause some clips will irritate your head, which is no good.


Hope you frisky gypsies have an amazing weekend! I know I have sure had a long and emotion week I’m ready for it!

Xo, Jodie

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  1. Darlene Darlene Tansey
    January 14, 2020 / 3:43 am

    I would like to see your blog on my phone talking about grey wigs.

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