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FullSizeRender[1].jpgHey there gypsies, so I recently did a beauty blog on one of my favorites Dirty Soul Case. If you are reading that past blog you might find that company doesn’t exist anymore..? NOT TRUE they just went through a little name change! They now go by the name Bare||Skn (which makes complete sense since once you use these products you’ll be leaving your skin bare, & make-up free) I started out using the Black Out face scrub/mask which gave me insane results (still one of my favorites) which you can see all the details about in my prior blog post about this company. I have recently tried 2 new mask & 2 different face soaps that I know you gypsies are gonna love! (REMINDER EVERYONE’S SKIN IS DIFFERENT JUST BECAUSE THESE PRODUCTS WORK FOR ME DOESN’T MEAN IT WORKS FOR EVERYONE)

Covered In Woods product_image.jpg

This soap just looks pretty right? Well it not only looks pretty it makes your face feel pretty too. After I used this soap my skin felt SO soft it was unreal!! It also gave a sort of glow to my skin. My skin felt super hydrated & felt like it had a whole new life to it. I haven’t had any major break outs at all. This soap unclogs, shrinks pores,
prevents blackheads, reduces the appearances of scars & tons more. So many benefits to this little bar of soap! obsessed!



This is another face soap I’m obsessed with! The Mud Bar made my skin feel soft & exfoliated my skin. This soap is great for tackling and clearing the skin of nasty black heads (luckily I don’t have many) and also helps smooth out wrinkles. I use this soap right before I use the Mud Mask (which I will be talking about a little later in the post) but let me just tell you when I use this little combo I have happy soft skin.


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This mask did wonders! I put some in a bowl & mixed with water then applied it to my face. It goes on very goopy & chunky. Once the mask starts to dry it’s almost like you feel your face tighten up! One I washed it off my face my skin felt regenerated. Some of the benefits to this mask is to reduce ance scars and prevent acne. (my face has been clear for a while now so I believe it.)

Mud Mask


I love this mask because it dries super quick. (I currently have it on my face as I’m writing this blog post lol) All you have to do is pour a little bit in the bowl ( about 2 tablespoons with a tiny bit of hazel or apple cider vinegar, apply to face & within a couple of minutes the mask will dry.  This mask draws out all the toxins & impurities. It left my skin feeling super tight & soft! Don’t be alarmed if you face is a little red after using this mask. The vinegar is toning & bringing blood flow to the surface.


Hope you frisky Gypsies have an amazing week & scoop up some of these AMAZING face products Including my favorite Blackout which I talked about in my past blog! I have a little 10% discount code for you of course “FRISKYGYPSY” AND if you spend $50 or more you get a free unicorn lip scrub! Happy shopping gypsies! Don’t want to wait for your products? If you are located in the High Desert area you can stop in Hair Precinct Tuesday-Saturday & buy these wonderful products there! Make sure to follow Bare||Skn on instagram @baresknco

Xo, Jodie

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