Sweet summer time typically means hello traveling. At least that’s how my summer goes. Wether it’s a family vacation or a trip too Nashville to see my friends, I’m always on the go! To go to where? The happiest place on earth obviously…. the airport!! Yes that was a joke. I literally have the worst luck when I travel, I always get delayed for hours on end.  I’m always so late when I get in to town, typically right when I get picked up from the airport my friends want to go out to eat, or go out to a bar. So to make it easier I travel in style for an easy transition from the airport to whereever my friends may drag me too!  Fun fact, you should aways dress cute at an airport because you NEVER know who you’ll run into. (or who you can get to buy you a drink cause your cute or bored at the bar waiting for your flight.. duh!)


For this look I’m rockin’ this awesome jumpsuit from one of my favorite local boutiques My Rebellious Rose! Seriously love the Boho Vibe this shop has and is now my number 1 go to when I need a new outfit. (for all my non california readers don’t worry she has a website you can order from!) I love the idea of a jumpsuit when I’m headed to the airport because it’s usually always cold. Hence why I also am rocking a flannel around my waist to throw on in case it’s chilly. Jumpsuits in general are usually comfy especially this one! It’s loose fit allows you to sit comfortably and we all know a trip to the airport means a lot of sitting. This look is great for summer travels or even winter. If you wanna rock it for a fall or winter trip just pair it with a leather or diem jacket and you’re good to go! Another great thing about this jumpsuit is you can dress it up! Pack a pair of classic heels or booties in your carry on, throw the ball cap off and you’re ready to go! Stay tuned next week I’m going to be posting another awesome summer look from My Rebellious Rose! Till then seriously go check this shop out, you will thank me later! Also use my discount code “friskygypsy” for 15% off your purchase.



When I travel I’m all about minimal accessories. Mainly because going through the lovely airport security you have to take them all off. So I mainly just wear my Aviate Brand Hat (the one I’m rocking is typically  LAX or BNA) These hats are super cool cause their the abbreviations of all the major airports! Hat at the airport are everything for me.. cause I seriously sleep the minute I get on a plane. (aka the hat hides my ugly sleeping face sparing every passenger on my flight.) Another accessory I always Travel with is my Patricia Nash Map Tote Bag! (comes in different prints but the map style is my personal fav) This bag is seriously life. You can fit all your snacks, wallet, makeup, blanket, etc. in here. (Yes I bring a blanket when I travel cause I love sleep.)


Currently my big obsession is platform sneakers. I can’t get enough of them.. I say that cause I literally have four pairs of these badass kicks from Steve Madden Style: Bertie-V! They’re super cute and it’s a sneaker so you def get that comfort level. Comfortable shoes are seriously so important while traveling!! These velvet babies are currently on sale for just $34… $34 is a freaking STEAL. They also come in many different colors!


Hope you Frisky Gypsy have an amazing week. Also don’t judge me I know I need new luggage. LOL currently rolling my eyes at myself. Anyways stay tune next week for another awesome look from My Rebellious Rose. **Reminder all bold words will link you to Items/ Shops I’m wearing.

Xo, Jodie

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  1. Kami
    August 9, 2017 / 12:40 am

    seriusly obsessd with you! My favorite blog from you so far, I luv traveling.

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