Few of my Favorite Things

Since we are all locked up on quarantine with this coronavirus, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things with you all! You guys are always asking me what products I use From my skincare routine, to my favorite makeup, haircare even to what beauty tools I’m using! So I figured this was a perfect time to share! So, let’s Dive in.

 Skin Care Routine

Face Wash

When I wash my face at night & morning I use  The Blue Mercury Line M-61. This stuff has been a saving grace for my face! They have face wash designed for all different types of skin. I use Power Cleanse Pore Purifying Glycolic Cleanser designed for combination skin. This Face wash has saved my skin. It has Tea Tree oil in it which does wonder for blemishes ladies!


Deep Cleanse

For a nice deep clean I use the M-61 Power Spot Pads also created by Blue Mercury.  I use the Daily Power Glow Pads to give my face a nice daily deep clean. I also use their Power Glow Peel Pads that are good for exfoliating once a week.


Moisturizers & Serums.

My favorite moisturizer I use is La Mer (super pricey but it does wonders for aging skin) It leaves my skin buttery smooth and helps prevent wrinkles.

Tarte’s Neck & Eye Cream these products are inexpensive it’s very good for preventing wrinkles on your under eye and neck. I’m almost 25 so Lord knows I need to start now lol)

A great skin serum I use is the Snake Serum 02 which is another pricey item in my skin care routine but works wonders for me. It keeps my skin super hydrated.

A staple piece I have in my skin care routine is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, & Rosewater. This stuff is a drink of water for your face and is just so refreshing. I have a travel size in my purse to give my face a nice dewy fresh mist anywhere, anytime.



I wish I could say I never break out but thats just not true especially when it’s that time of the month . When my skin wants to act I fight my stubborn blemishes with the Taste Bully Blemish & M-61 Powerspot clear. Both of these products you put right on your blemish overnight and it clears it right up! They are magic in a tube.

All of  skin care products I have listed last me an extremely long time because a little goes such a long way. I usually don’t have to replace for a couple of months depending on the product or size I get.

My Must Have Makeup Picks!



For my face foundation I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra- Longwear Foundation. The color I use is Cashew which was matched to my complexion by a professional at Macy’s Blue Mercury Counter. (I highly recommend going to a professional to get color matched when it comes to foundation) This stuff is the holy grail of foundations. It’s long lasting and has such a smooth blended hydrating look. I always get compliments on skin complexion when I’m wearing it.

The concealer I use Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer the color I use is Fair Neutral.  I have been on this stuff for years! It gives my under eyes a bright awake look and it’s just simply one of the best concealers out there.

I absolutely love contouring my face. I’ve used some cream ones that I like but I always find myself going back to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit Color: Light to Medium. It’s a staple in my makeup collection. (Contour tip: BLEND BLEND BLEND)

For blush I don’t personally like anything to pink. I’ve been using the Nars Blush Color Orgasm for a while now and I’m just in love. It’s the perfect natural soft pink for any face!

My staple for highlight will always be Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Highlighter Color: Exposed. I will always get a compliment on my glow with this stuff. Its seriously the perfect natural glow 10/10 recommend it! A Highlight pallet I recently became obsessed with is Anastacia Beverly Hill Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. This product was recommended to me by my bestfriend and I’m in love guys. It has 6 different shades to give you face a fun different pop every time. The shades are incredibly pigmented, and I currently can’t live without it! It is a limited edition product so get it while supplies last!



Picking just one favorite eyeshadow pallet is so tough but I have to say my favorite is the Born to Run Pallet by Urban Decay. This pallet is one of my favorites because it has so many staple shades and it perfect for traveling because you can create a bunch of different looks! It has your natural colors and bright pops of colors.

The Mascara I’m currently using is Big Ego by Tarte. It makes my lases super full without having to put fake lashes on.

When I want a more dramatic look and my eyes, I break out my fake lashes. The Lashes I always use are Ardell Demi Wispies.

For filling in my eyebrows I swear by Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Dip Brow Color: Ash. This stuff seems like it last forever. I honestly haven’t bought a new one in like 2 years because a little goes a long way ( I think its time to get a new one though lol) Don’t get me wrong I love a good brow pencil because they are easy to use BUT they have to be replaced to often for my liking.


For my lips I love anything in the nude shades. I’m currently loving Nars Afterglow Lip Bomb in the shade Orgasm. It has a pretty pink tint and is super hydrating. It’s perfect for a natural look.

To make my lips look fuller the all-time best lip plumper goes to Two Faced Lip Injections Extreme I use the original color and put it over my lipstick. Leaves my lips looking nice and plumped.


Hair Care products

Shampoo & Conditioner 

I recently have fallen in love with the Shampoo, Conditioner, & Deep Conditioner DAE. Created by Amber Fillerup. This stuff is a girl’s best friend. It smells like an orange field of dreams! Not only is the packaging beautiful it does wonders for my hair & tape in extensions. This stuff leaves my hair feeling sooooo soft. I use to wash my hair every 2- 3 days but now I go a week without washing because my hair doesn’t need it. I just add a little bit of dry shampoo and I’m good to go!


Purple Shampoo.

I have used the same purple shampoo for about 6-8 years now. It inexpensive and from Sally Beauty. It’s called Blond Brilliance & it keeps my hair bight and ashy white. This Stuff is amazing and that’s why I’ve used it for so many years!


Dry Shampoo & Texturizing Spray

I’ve recently fell in love with OUAI. Yes, their products are on the pricier scale but it’s worth it! The Super Dry Shampoo does not leave my hair feeling heavy or dirty. It leaves a light, clean, & fresh feeling almost like there is no products in my hair. The Texturizing Spray is perfect for holding curls and giving your hair life without weighing it down!


Leave in Conditioner

My all time favorite leave in Conditioner is It’s a 10 Miracle Leave- In Plus Keratin. This stuff is so nourishing and also works as a heat protectant. It leaves my real hair and extensions feeling silky smooth.


Hair Tools

Styling Tools

Okay so I personally HATE blow-drying my hair. I recently fell in love with a certain blow dryer though that gets this task done fast. The Conair 3-in-1 Ceramic Styler. I am going to link the update version for you guys because they improved the attachments… The one I have is literally terrible to where I had to glue the attachment on… (being real af with you all) BUT this thing dries my hair so fast I use the brush attachment and go to work.

To curl my hair, I use the same Curling Iron as Hair by Chrissy. (If you don’t follow her do yourself a favor now and look her up on Instagram.) The BaBylissPro Iron (1.25 Inches) gives me the perfect beachy waves. I myself am not a bug fan if tight curls so this curling iron does the trick for me.

When I want to get my real beach waves/ 90’s crimps in I use my favorite Waver by Bed Head (unfortunately the one I have is out if stock everywhere I linked the older model for you guys) This waver gives me the perfect crimps. Some people tell me it’s my best look! Lol

Styling Accessories

When I’m done blow drying my hair I love to put a hair roller on my bangs (if you don’t have bangs you can do the front layers of your hair). I’ll clip them to keep them in place with my Kristen Ess Do it Sectioning Clips from target. I’ll do may make up and style the rest of my hair. After I’m basically done getting ready, I’ll take the rollers out and the front of my hair has insane volume. I’ll throw some curls on those front pieces and I’m good to go!


When it comes to brushing my hair, I personally need a brush that’s not so rough. I have tape in extensions in and you just can’t be harsh on you scalp. I recently got a Wet Brush and it’s a game changer. It doesn’t pull out my hair like regular brushes. I got mine at target they are super inexpensive!


Now For my all-time favorite hair product Laced Hair Extensions! I love the 24-inch Clip ins & am currently obsessed with the 22-inch tape-ins. I get the platinum color for both styles and either tone them to match my hair with purple shampoo, or I have my stylist tone them. Laced hair Extensions are on the pricey side BUT the hair is seriously so good you guys. I’ve been wearing clip in for about 10-12 years now (just now switched to tape-ins) once I stumbled upon these, I haven’t changed brands. The hair keeps its integrity and last a long time.


Hope you guys enjoyed reading about some of my favorite beauty products! Comment below if you’ve tried any or are going to try any! Love you guys and stay safe in quarantine!



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